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Udeme Eko

Product Designer

Reflecting on my YouCreate Africa Bootcamp journey! After an intensive 7 weeks product design training, my group took on Project D5 creating a groundbreaking land bidding system for farmers. I am proud to announce my team secured the top spot in the project, earning the title of the best team project. Additionally, I'm honored to have received a silver award and certificate and I’m excited for what lies ahead!

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Eunice Ndudim

Project Manager

If you are like me, when you sign up for a boot camp or online course on Agile project management, you will expect that the first class will be on "What is project management?". Well, again, if you are like me and you are a participant in the Brave Achievers You Create Africa all women's Bootcamp, you will understand the training hits better when the first class is not on "what is project management? The Brave Achievers All Women's Bootcamp was literally a dream come true and I can confidently say that I have gained a wealth of knowledge that has exceeded my expectations.

Esther Ekpeyong

Technical Writer

I'm glad to share that I participated in the Technical Writing track of the YouCreate Africa All-Women in Tech 2023 bootcamp, hosted by Brave Achievers.This program is a crucial step in my journey towards a career in product management, emphasizing the importance of a soft skill.From unraveling complexities to refining the art of crafting clear, concise and relatable value documents, the boot camp experience has proven worthwhile.

Msurshima Uji

Product Designer

Participating in the BraveAchievers YouCreate Africa All Women BootCamp has been an interesting experience so far. I joined the Product Design track and learning to leverage on user research for a better user experience has been the most intriguing part of the journey so far. Thank you @YouCreateAfrica @BraveAchievers looking forward to more from this experience!

Chisom Ejimkaraonye

Technical Writer

When I enrolled in Brave Achievers’ All African Women’s Bootcamp, I honestly thought I was going to get your typical run-of-the-mill class where all you need to do is show up and stay mute. Instead, what I got is a community that fosters ACTIVE learning, with topics that’ll leave you curious and conversations going long after classes are over.
I choose the #TechnicalWriting track thinking I was getting a refresher of what I already know but now I am so happy to have been proved wrong.The knowledge and insights I have gained in 2 weeks alone has been nothing short of astounding; and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Adeola Akinyele

Technical Writer

One of the topics that resonated with me during the YouCreate Africa Bootcamp was Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an approach to innovation or problem solving that places emphasis on user needs and user satisfaction. I like design thinking because it forces you to learn about your users and empathize with them by putting yourself in their shoes. Through the capstone project, I've gained proficiency in collaboration, using project management tools like Jira for the first time, mastering Figma to support the product designer in my team while serving as a project manager, and applied deign thinking to solve problems.

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