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The Re-Invent X Nigeria Conference

Don’t Get Left Behind! Ignite Your Tech Passion No Matter Your Age 

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The Re-Invent X Nigeria conference

Join us for a transformative experience at our 3-day conference, a golden opportunity specifically designed for individuals over 35 and anyone keen to navigate the new era of technology. This event is not just about enhancing digital skills; it's a deep dive into Generative AI and tech literacy, empowering you to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Whether you're looking to bridge the tech gap or upgrade your current skill set, this conference is your gateway to mastering the technologies that shape our world today.

Click here to know how the Re-Invent USA Program has helped one of our candidates: 

The Re-Invent X Nigeria conference is on a mission to empower people over 35 years old with the knowledge they need to understand tech and use the latest generative AI tools to unlock their creativity and augment their workflows in all spheres of life.

What to Expect from Re-Invent X Conference

Here’s what you would learn from this game changing conference

Al art and creativity for writers 

Al Audio and Video Generation for film makers

Social media marketing strategies with generative Al

Data with Generative Al

Marketing with Generative Al

Practical applications of Generative AI for small small businesses

Speakers coming soon!

Speakers coming soon!

Speakers coming soon!

Speakers coming soon!

Speakers coming soon!

Speakers coming soon!

Networking Sessions

Structured networking sessions to promote collaborations and allow you build meaningful connections

Panel Discussions

Engage with experts during panel discussions on the impact of AI across different industries, businesses and aspects of daily life. 

Interactive Workshops

Meet new people who share your interests and passions!


The Civic Center, Victoria Island

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