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Begin your journey 

Level up your digital skills today and be up to date on the latest generativeAI trends. Age is just a number – Reskill, learn, and thrive with confidence.

Master the Basics

We will teach you the fundamentals of generative Al with clear explanations and practical examples, regardless of your current tech expertise.

Influence Your Everyday Life

You will learn how to leverage generative AI tools to transform your career, business, and personal life

Hands-on Learning

The conference will engage you in practical workshops tailored to your skill level. You get a chance to practice everything you will be taught.

Build Your Tech Network

It is easy for you to connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a similar tech journey at the conference. You would share ideas, collaborate, and grow together with them! 

Find Your Inspiration

Hear success stories from inspiring individuals who, like you, started their tech journey later in life. This will give you an idea of the possibilities that await

Access to Free AI Expo

This event will also showcase next-generation technologies and other exciting products from the world of Artificial Intelligence. So, you get an opportunity to discover and explore the latest AI products. 

Here's why Re-Invent X is for you

Re-Invent X is more than a conference; it is a movement!

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